LECA Addict Nutrient Packs for Epiphites

LECA Addict Nutrient Packs for Epiphites

This is the LECA Addict Nutrient Pack, specially formulated for epiphytes!

This nutrient pack is specially formulated for epiphytes such as hoyas and orchids. Epiphytes are plants that derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain and grows usually on another plant. This nutrient pack can be used with LECA, Pon, or Bark / Aroid Mix / Soil-based substrates. It contains three products:

KelpMax Superior Plant Growth Stimulant - A natural product that won’t damage plants like synthetic hormones and concentrated trace element products.
K-Lite Orchid/Epiphyte Fertilizer - Designed specifically to mimic the nutrient rations they see in nature.
Quantum-Total Plant Probiotics - Beneficial microbes that protect, feed, and energize your plants.


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