Pon bags

Pon bags

Pon is the perfect alternative in places where conventional soil cannot or should not be used.


  • Zeolite
  • German washed pumice
  • German, light Lava (permanently supplies your plant with iron)
  • Fully-coated, premium-quality fertilizer.
    • The coating is purely organize and breaks down without leaving any residue.
    • The fertilizer supplies your plant with nutrients for up to 6 months.
    • Fit for all plants, including foliage, flowering plants like orchids, citrus plants, herbs, tomatoes, fruit trees, cacti, and more.

1.25 dry quart fills 1 large and 1 small pot

2.5 dry quart fills 2 large and 2 small pots 

Size 1.25 dry quart

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