Coco Poles w/wire
Coco Poles w/wire

Coco Poles w/wire

Made by @terracotta_warrior from sustainable materials (coco fiber is a byproduct of coconut milk etc.)

 Lightweight yet rigid (not top heavy), durable (ie won’t rot), and extendable

These poles specifically pair fantastic with our leca & pon because of their wire bottom!

Why use moss poles?

Epiphytic plants like Monsteras, Syngoniums, Hoyas, and some Philodendrons benefit from using a moss pole to help your plants to grow big and strong. Moss poles mimic mossy trees, and in their natural environment, epiphytes grow on the trunks of trees and other plants. 

Plus, for some plants including many aroids, the contact between aerial roots and the moss pole can trigger the development of larger, more mature leaves



Size 18 inch

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